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Wind and kitesurfing paradise El Médano

El Médano is located in the southeast of Tenerife and is one of the most popular areas for water sports. Good wind conditions and a pleasant climate all year round offer Tenerife's water sports enthusiasts a first class paradise- especially wind and kite surfers.

El Médano's wide sandy beach is a perfect place for this. There are many surf schools here, offering courses or renting out windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment. Alternatively, you can also do stand-up paddling on windless days. Never heard of it? Then it is about time, because it is really fun! You stand on a wide surfboard and can steer yourself with a paddle over the sea. If the waves are a bit higher, classic surfing or bodyboarding is also a good alternative.

Wind conditions in El Médano

El Médano - also called High Wind Area - is considered the spot for the best wind conditions. Nevertheless, there are several weeks a year without wind, mainly in winter. Here mostly our beginners enjoy themselves, with light wind blowing - an optimal time to practice! Advanced surfers, however, have less fun then. Kiters are also satisfied with less wind, but when the wind loses completely its power, the fun is over for them too. The wind is therefore the same as the weather, in general it can only be predicted to a limited extent.

Description of the spot

When the wind blows in El Médano, it usually blows from the northeast (from the left), and near the shore it is usually quite gusty. But look out! If you can't maintain height with your kite, you'll quickly land in the "Pigs Bay" and then you have to carry your equipment back to land and by foot to the starting point.

The strong gusts pose a special challenge for every water sports enthusiast. Wind strengths of 3 to 5 Beaufort are considered "light" here. For most locals, it only gets interesting from 6, 7 or more wind forces, which can be expected on a regular basis. What often causes more trouble for beginners than the wind is often the swell. If you have learned to surf on a lake, you will be surprised how hard it is to surf with waves and partly heavy shorebreaks. Sometimes there is also wind from the right - then the water is as flat as on a lake. Wave fans may find it boring, but everyone else enjoys it all the more.

The Canarian Islands are, in summary, the only water sports area in Europe where you can windsurf and kitesurf all year round without getting too cold. For those of you who are a bit more temperature sensitive, we hire out short-sleeved and long-sleeved wetsuits.

You didn't bring a board? Our shop rents out SUP (Stand Up Paddles), surfboards and bodyboards by the hour. We also offer kitesurfing courses!